5 Top Tips on for Taking Online Classes

5 top tips: Your Guide to Help You Effectively Study Chinese Whilst Taking Online Lessons

Are you currently a student studying Chinese online and not sure how to go about it? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Studying Chinese Online can be difficult especially since as you are not in a class environment.  Here are 5 top tips that can help you effectively learn Chinese whilst taking online classes.

Tip #1: Create a regular study space and stay organized

Setting up a dedicated learning environment for study is vital. By treating your online classes, the same way, you would a face-to-face class will definitely help you to be more engaged during class.

Being organized is also important. Setting up a timetable with your tutor as for when and where you will access the classes. This will certainly help you stay on top of your homework!

Tip #2: Eliminate distractions 

Regardless of where you choose to work, a good thing to consider is turning off your phone or putting it on silent.

In order to get the most out of your online classes, you have to ‘pretend’ you are in a classroom with your teacher. For example, if you were in a classroom you probably would not be scrolling on your phone!

Tip #3: Actively Participate

If you are a student enrolled in group classes or in one to one classes, make sure that you actively participate.

One of the most important skills for working and studying online is communication. The teacher is there to essentially help you and aid your progression in the studies, so make sure to ask lots of questions!

Tip #4: Set a Goal

Before enrolling in online Chinese classes it is best to have a specific goal in mind. Whether this be an HSK exam or reviewing old material or practicing your speaking – make sure you have a focus.

Studying online can sometimes be a tad isolating, so much so that it demotivates you. By setting yourself an achievable target this can hopefully help how to best utilize your online classes.

Tip #5 Figure Out How You Learn Best

Once you’ve established where you’ll learn, think about when and how you accomplish your best work. As mentioned, working online is sometimes not the easiest of tasks.

Some learning methods that you might find helpful to integrate into your learning are:

  • Flashcards
  • Making notes
  • Recording the lessons
  • Setting homework
  • Creating review ‘quizzes’
  • Doing past papers

Adopting a few of these methods might really help you towards your learning. Some useful mobile apps are Quizlet, Pleco (Online Dictionary) & HSK online.

These apps are a great way to practice your Chinese. It requires practice, so it’s best to dedicate maybe one or two hours a week to focus solely on your Chinese.

Key Takeaway…


Remember don’t drive yourself crazy. Learning Chinese online is primarily to help you sustain motivation.

Whilst it might be some time before you study in China, there are always ways to immerse yourself, here’s a couple to get you started:

  • Watch Chinese TV
  • Download WeChat and connect to some native speakers
  • Listen to Chinese music
  • Download Chinese apps or learning apps to study Chinese
  • Speak Chinese to yourself or to a friend

Of course, being in China is much better by far than studying online, but for the time being use these tips and remember to stay focused!

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