Tips for Choosing Best Baitcasting Reel

A baitcasting reel is an essential element for anglers who desire to fully control what they cannot achieve with the spinning reel. A bait caster, which is in good condition, offers you more control, and you can direct your lure to an exact point you want it to go. It is normally used in professional competitions. Ensure you read baitcasting reel reviews before buying. Below are things you need to consider when selecting the best baitcasting reel.

Gear Ratios

Gear ratio is an influencer of the whole thing. First, understand the rotational speed of your reel. Second, how it will behave if it catches heavy fish? When choosing a baitcasting reel, you must consider the gear ratios of different categories of bait. A high-speed reel can move the bait faster while the lower the speed, the bigger the bait.


baitcasting reelA good quality baitcasting reel comprises an improved braking system. When the braking system is functional, backlash and bird nesting is not an issue since you can easily arrest the cast speed. For effective operations, the casting reel may have either magnetic brake or mechanical brakes. Magnetic brakes are adjustable and are a bit more expensive. Mechanical brakes are cheaper than magnetic brakes; they depend on the pin system to generate friction during the cast stoppage.

Line capacity

Before you decide on the line capacity to purchase, consider the type of fish you would like to catch. Maybe your target is saltwater fishing or catching the big fish. Then, you will need a spool heavy enough for distance casting. Simple baitcasting reel lines’ can hold heavyweights. For fish like muskies, steelheads, and salmon, you may be needed to use a full capacity baitcasting reel.


More bearing will automatically provide you an easier retrieval and casting. Select stainless steel of good quality or an expensive reel that uses ceramic bearings. Either of the two will guarantee you a long term operation.


It is a determinant of the size of the fish you are aiming to catch. A larger and longer handle allows greater cranking force, which can bear the weight of big fish while the shorter the handle, the smaller the weight.


They come in two different materials which are; magnesium, and aluminum. Although, some of the manufacturers have invented a new frame made of stronger carbon composites, lighter, and non-corrosion. Choose a framework for the reel considering the one which is lighter than the rest.

Ensure the baitcasting reel you select is the best choice fit for the purpose you intend to undertake. This is after you have keenly put into consideration the type of fish you intend to catch.