Main Uses of Essential Oils in Reducing Stress

Essential oils have numerous health benefits. These benefits are mainly attributed to their powerful properties and the presence of essential vitamins, mineral, and other compounds. They are mainly extracted from plants. The practice of using these in healing is known as aromatherapy.

They are widely used for mental, emotional and physical health. Most of these oils are known for their wonderful smell. They are referred to s the healing plant oils. Some of their main uses include relaxation, natural home cleaning, stress reduction and natural body care. They are also used as natural medicine.

Stress is one of the health conditions that affect many people. Stress is everywhere- many individuals are feeling stress from family, work, relationships or friends. The use of these oils has been proven to be an effective method for relieving stress and easing tension. The following are the main uses of essential oils.

Body care

They are widely used in making homemade body care. Every person should make an effort of adding these oils to his or her daily routine. They are easily absorbed by the skin once they are applied topically. Some of the homemade products that are made using these oils include conditioners, shampoos, dental care, lip balm and body lotions.body care oil


They are diffused into the air through the process of diffusion. Once they are inhaled, these products can be absorbed easily into the bloodstream. Apart from the health benefits, these oils can make your home to smell great because of their wonderful smell.


Some of them can be ingested under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional. Some oils can be taken in raw form while others need to be diluted with water. They include frankincense, oregano, peppermint, and lemon.

Combinations of essential oils for stress reduction

These products can be used in many ways. For instance, they can be diffused into the air to produce a calming and a comfortable environment. In addition to this, they have a calming smell and a relaxing scent. Drops of these oils are diffused with water. Some of them have a stronger while others have a lighter scent. You are advised to go for the high-quality brands. The following are some of the recommended oil combinations

Orange and lavender

Orange is helpful in providing a calming and an enjoyable effect. It is used in reducing nervousness, clearing thoughts and strengthening focus. On the other hand, lavender is helpful in calming and soothing the nervous system. This, in turn, balances tension and stress.lavender oil

Grape fruit and lavender

Lavender- It is beneficial for calming and soothing the overstimulated nervous system as well as balancing tension and stress. On the other hand, grapefruit oil is helpful in balancing tension, mental fatigue, as well as relieving the feelings associated with exhaustion.